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Pre-press & Print

Unsure of how to set up a file for print?

Been told you have the wrong file type?

Overwhelmed by the various stock types and print terminology?

With 15 years experience designing for print, I know all the tricks

of the trade to get you on the right track. 

Pre-press (Printers)

Looking to outsource your pre-press work? I can assist with additional work that may be held back due to any unforeseen circumstances. Contact me about my hourly rate or item based structure today!

File Recreation

Do you have a low resolution file, logo or graphic that is too small to print? I can re-create it as Vector file ready for any types of printing.

Pre-press (Individuals)

Do you have a piece of work that you would like to print but don't know if it’s set up correctly? Whether you are using an online or local printer, I can help you get the file(s) ready for print.

Print Management

With 15 years experience in the Printing industry, I have many local and interstate contacts that give me outstanding service and prices. Allow me to source competitive quotes and find the best fit for you!

Think I can help?
Get in touch...

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